Simple popular science introduction of PU basketball

Another summer is approaching, and there are more and more active people on the basketball court. And having a basketball that suits you is very important to the performance of your game. PU basketball is one of the most popular types of basketball in the world. . Therefore, we will briefly introduce several kinds of PU basketballs we produce for everyone.

PU leather basketball/Moisture absorbing leather basketball

pu basketballs
pu basketball2

The skin is made of synthetic leather. This basketball is very wear-resistant, softer than ordinary rubber basketballs, and very comfortable in feel and elasticity. The basketball made of sweat-absorbent leather for the epidermis is a moisture-absorbent basketball. The skin of this kind of basketball has a certain stickiness, and it is not easy to let go when dribbling. Ordinary PU basketballs will sweat more when playing, making the basketball more humid, which will affect the shooting and other actions, and the moisture-absorbing basketball, as the name suggests, solves this problem. Generally used on wooden floors. The quality of the hygroscopic basketballs we produce is similar to the Wilson Wave.

Chinese Microfiber leather basketball/Premium Japanese Microfiber leather basketball

basketball ball

PU basketball 1
custom printed basketball

Microfiber is the abbreviation of microfiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric made of microfiber short fibers into a three-dimensional network by carding and needle punching. After wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, microdermabrasion, dyeing and finishing And other processes are finally made into microfiber leather. And the basketballs we produce with Chinese-made microfiber leather are not only nearly half the price compared to other microfiber basketballs, but also of excellent quality. About the quality of the microfiber leather imported from Japan is recognized by fans all over the world, the quality of the Japanese microfiber basketballs we produce is similar to Wilson Evolution.
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